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Why are some prices are not shown and I need to get a quote?

Alot of manufacturers in the pool industry have guidelines for dealers which say that prices are not to be advertised online.


    The Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator is available in 4 sizes from 18 gm/hr to 45 gm/hr and in three versions - semi auto pH control, fully automatic pH control and fully automatic pH and chlorine control. The semi auto pH control has intelligent software to adjust the dosing rate of acid according to the electrode output which affects the pH increase during operation. Add the pH sensor kit (part number 520135) to fully sense and control the pH of the pool water automatically. Further add the chlorine sensor kit (part number 525146) to automatically control chlorine levels in the pool. Correct pH and chlorine create perfect swimming conditions, help protect pool shell, interior finish and pool equipment. Select the intelligent Ai Mode when connected to a Viron eVo pump to allow the chlorinator to automatically determine hours of operation, chlorine production, pH balance and continually monitor and react to chlorine demand, even when pump is normally off. You can now easily control your pool’s water balance with Bluetooth® and the free downloadable AstralPool ChlorinatorGO app on your smart device.


    Packaging Dimensions

    • Width: 0.37 mm

    • Height: 0.24 mm

    • Length: 0.54 mm

    • Net Weight: N/A

    • Gross Weight: 10.32 kg


    Product Data Sheet


    SKU: 13804
    • The manufacturer warrants that its Products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship when used in residential swimming pools. This express warranty only applies to products purchased within Australia from Cardinia Pool & Spa Servicing.

      Please refer to for warranty periods for each of the AstralPool products.

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