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Zodiac Robotic Pool Cleaner. FreeRider FR1000 iQ

Unleashed Cleaning Power of a zodiac cordless pool cleaner

FreeRider™ iQ robotic cleaner is cordless and equipped with a high-power lithium-ion battery offering expert cleaning without intervention. Highly efficient, easy to handle and cable- free, it is remarkably agile and gets into the tightest of corners on all types of pool surfaces.

The iAquaLink™ application enables greater control and improved monitoring of the battery status. FR1000 iQ climbs to the wall for a waterline retrieval for 10 minutes after a full cleaning cycle has finished, making it very easy to collect after a cleaning cycle has completed.

High Performance Cable Free Design robotic pool cleaner zodiac

Free of its cable, Freerider is easy to use on a daily basis and takes up little space. Long life lithium-ion battery.

Battery life: 1 full cycle (2 hours 30 mins). Fast charging < 5 hours. battery powered pool vacuum cleaners

DUAL-STAGE FILTRATION Two-layer progressive filtration system (150 micron/60 micron) collects both large and small debris. Transparent canister cover and LED makes the collected debris easily visible.

iAqualink™ App Connectivity

App connectivity gives users two additional cleaning mode option - SMART cycle and Waterline only cycle. App shows - Charging date / End-of-cycle notifications / Water retrieval assistance / Performance optimization via automatic updates.

zodiac freerider price $3,099.00 RRP INC. GST. Our price $2,700.00 INC. GST.

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